Every patient has a story

Medicine used to be a one-size fits all model. Disease X meant treatment Y. Doctors made decisions and patients listened.  Clinical trials were our only data source. But those days are over. Medicine has gotten personal.  

Today, we know  that every patient has a unique medical story. The best care requires knowing those stories and the next generation of medical discovery requires compiling those stories into structured data sets.  

That's why PicnicHealth works directly with patients to gather and manage complete, up-to-date medical records. That’s also why with our PicnicAI platform, we go beyond serving patients directly, and partner with the most innovative Life Sciences companies to sponsor PicnicHealth accounts for groups of research volunteers. Only by putting patients in control of their own data will we move beyond fragmented, unstructured medical records for both individual patient benefit today and for the opportunity to meaningfully contribute to tomorrow’s medicine.

Meet our team

Noga Leviner

Cofounder and CEO
Noga was inspired to create PicnicHealth while struggling to manage her own health data after a diagnosis of Crohn's Disease. Prior to Picnic, Noga co-founded Lumni USA, where she raised and deployed the first US investment fund to help underserved students access low-risk, equity-style student loan products. Noga studied Human Biology and Economics at Stanford. She can regularly be found spacing out while meditating.

Troy Astorino

Cofounder and CTO
Troy leads PicnicHealth’s data, engineering, and product efforts. Previously, while at SpaceX, he built the company's internal web service for launching, monitoring and analyzing Monte Carlo simulations over mission trajectories. His exposure to health data goes back to his years growing up as the unofficial IT department for his parents’ medical practices. Troy studied Physics, Aerospace Engineering, and Economics at MIT. He loves tennis and drinks the Crossfit Kool-Aid™.

Gillian Hanson

Head of Clinical Data
Gillian came to the field of patient-centered medicine through her experience managing a coagulation disorder. She studied at Tulane, Harvard, and Bastyr, earning a doctoral degree in naturopathic medicine followed by private practice in integrative primary care. She has a long-standing interest in the relationship between narrative medicine, clinical informatics, and medical syntax, which ultimately led her to her favorite medical ontology, SNOMED CT. When she’s not adding new ontologies to her repertoire, she can be found replicating great bakes from The Great British Bake Off.

Lily Chen

VP of Operations
Lily leads PicnicHealth's operations team. She joins Picnic from Uber, where she wore many hats, including being a founding member of the Community Operations team. She's led teams that have launched new support modalities and new product lines (UberEats, uberPOOL, Uber for Business); built and scaled quality systems for Uber's global agent network (20,000+); and decreased defects that affected customer satisfaction. She loves all things operations - especially building great teams and scalable systems; and using data to drive decisions. She studied Business at the University of Michigan. Outside of work, you can find Lily practicing yoga, traveling, hiking, going to live music shows and meditating.

Pye Phyo Maung

Software Engineer
Pye dropped out of medical school in Myanmar to take a scholarship to study Math and Computer Science at Ripon College, focusing on neural networks. Before joining Picnic, Pye worked on software teams in manufacturing automation and home health software. He's an optimist about technology’s potential to advance medicine and sees the singularity as a goal rather than just a prediction. When he's in the physical world, Pye enjoys swimming and training in Aikido.

Benji Pastel

Machine Learning Engineer
Benji makes sure our machines are learning. Before joining Picnic, Benji worked on the machine learning infrastructure for fraud detection at Square.  He studied computer science at Stanford and at Cornell, focusing on data science.  In his free time he enjoys playing board games, writing bots that play board games, and competing in machine learning competitions on Kaggle.  He's also an avid taiko player, percussionist, and composer.

Sophie Curtis

Provider Relations Lead
Sophie is scaling the medical records retrieval processes at Picnic. Before joining, she worked at San Francisco's Women’s Community Clinic, where she saw firsthand the benefits of patient centered care and the challenges of collecting complete patient records in the care setting. Sophie's interest in healthcare goes back to sociology research she conducted while earning her BA in Latin American studies at UC Santa Cruz. She’s a native San Franciscan and loves swimming and hiking, often in the company of her dog, Marley.

Yucheng Pan

Head of Business Development
Yucheng brings partners together to figure out how PicnicHealth can enable their research. Prior to joining the team, she worked with pharma, payor, and medical device clients at McKinsey. She studied Molecular Biology and English at Harvard, where she undertook lab research investigating brain development in mice and muscle stem cells. Yucheng loves people-watching, writing, and swimming, and is fascinated with American immigrant narratives.

Riva Aelyon

Finance Lead
Riva has 20 years of experience running finance and operations for companies in industries ranging from fashion to real estate development to environmental consultancy. She previously ran her own photography and life coaching businesses. When she's not at work, Riva pursues her love of photography and works as a life coach at the San Francisco Public Library. Her dog, Bacio, is a core part of the Picnic team. 

Shaka Bahadu

Clinical Informatics Lead
Shaka loves thinking about systems and processes. Trained as an internal medicine doctor, he brings his expertise to both the operations and clinical team. Shaka studied at Harvard, Cornell, and Stanford before joining the start-up world. He loves bacon and his other full-time job, working as a majordomo for his daughter, Apolline.

Justin Maslin

Software Engineer
Justin has a healthy relationship with patient care — his dad is a doctor and his mom started a business to help children with special needs. He dual-majored in Management Information Systems and Marketing at Drexel University while studying computer science in his free time. After spending a couple years on the insurance-side of healthcare, Justin joined the product team at Picnic to have a greater impact on the patient experience. When not coding, he enjoys swimming, avocado smoothies, and cooking breakfast food.

Makoto Kinoshita

Software Engineer
Makoto studied Computer Science and Economics at Colby College, and he spent most of his time thinking about business ideas and building products. He has been interested in healthcare ever since he was young, and he believes that technology can solve big issues in healthcare. He rowed in college, and loves to play soccer and bike.

Sid Palas

Software Engineer
Sid works at the intersection of the software and operations teams at PicnicHealth. He enjoys analyzing complex processes and writing software to simplify, accelerate, and automate them. Prior to joining PicnicHealth, he worked at Lockheed Martin developing software for high energy lasers and signal processing applications. Sid studied mechanical engineering at Duke and MIT, with a focus on control systems. Previously a competitive pole vaulter, he now trains to be able to lift heavy things.

Markan Patel

Software Engineer
Markan remembers breaking his ankle and waiting to receive his images on a floppy disk. Health data has come a ways since then. At Picnic, Markan creates digital experiences, which requires a balance of prioritization and meticulousness. He studied Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Michigan, where he spent his spare time organizing student hackathons. The fracture years ago hasn’t kept Markan from staying active – he still loves to run, play tennis, ski and mountain bike.

Fatma Elsayed

Product Designer
Fatma thrives on making great user experiences and making people’s life easier with every product she designs. In her last position, Fatma was the design lead for the ServiceNow support portal. Before becoming a Product Designer, she was a Business Development and Technical Support specialist working for international enterprises like Vodafone and IBM. Having found her true passion in design, Fatma enjoys spreading that passion to high school girls through her volunteering work with ChickTech. Fatma is a big foodie; she enjoys spending her free time trying different cuisines and cooking new recipes.

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